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fredag 6 september 2013

Play for Display..

...heter en utställning på  Galleri Four i Göteborg, som har vernissage i dag!
Jag deltar med två halssmycken, men jag kan tyvärr inte vara där själv,
men jag tror att det blir en spännande och rolig utställning.
Läs själva i texten nedan som är hämtad från deras hemsida.
Gallery Four has been transformed into a gigantic jewellery box filled to the brim with adventurous art. Prepare to get physical with the unexpected, the hard-to-wear, the intimate and the breathtaking. Welcome to this autumn’s first exhibition at Four - Play for Display.

Play for Display is a part of GIBCA Extended, a satellite program in conjunction with Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art. 24 artists from 13 countries has been selected for the exhibition. Their work is imaginative, playful and sensitive and all of the artists have strong ideas of how their pieces will affect the wearer. During the exhibition you will be invited to try on the pieces and explore what kind of feelings or associations the jewellery will evoke when they are on your skin.
Jewellery shown in galleries or museums is often presented with a certain distance to the viewer. The physical contact is prevented by a protecting glass or an elegant sterile environment underlining that the objects on display are there to watch but not to touch. Play for Display is an initiative to create a playful encounter between an audience and the jewellery. The visitors will experience a close contact with contemporary jewellery - close enough to get under their skin.

Welcome to a close encounter with wearable art!
Play for Display is curated by Sanna Svedestedt & Karin Roy Andersson / Diagonal

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